Sunday, January 20, 2013

OK Chipotle (Chipotle Mexican Grill Camp Hill)

The Soup Nazi has come to Camp Hill.  Well, at least it felt that way to me.

Walking through the door as I pulled in to the crowded parking lot of Chipotle Mexican Grill was a variety of diners- a few moms with young kids, several businesspeople in suits and a lot of young, tattooed and pierced vegetarians, a wide spectrum all looking for the same thing today- a lunch that is fast, fresh and organic.  This place is hopping! The chain's website advertises Chipotle's company-wide initiatives to support the communities by purchasing their organic produce locally as available.  Who wouldn't support that?   The cafeteria-style line up to the counter was about 15 people deep.  With the menu options hanging from the ceiling and paper menus for my prerusal while in line, I suddenly felt anxious, this feeling of "When you get up there, know what you want, then get out of the way, or no taco for you!".  Easier said than done, because I frankly had a difficult time concentrating on anything because of the crazy noise level. I'm not sure how the suits are able to carry on a productive conversation.  Choice made, my turn at the counter.  Erin, don't screw this up.  "Burrito Bowl, please" (loudly).  Down through the line to pick your rice, white or brown.  Veggies- fresh and grilled, cheese, beans, multiple salsas to choose from.  Meat free? No problem. Chips and guacamole on the side? Sounds good.  Kids' meals served with organic milk?  Good to know!  Keep moving down the line, don't stop, don't stare.   Keep a free hand and expect to wipe down your own table.  Because of the mix of higher tables and that all seats in the place are bolted backless stools, there are fewer seating options for those that are wheelchair bound.  Ladies room was tidy.
Burrito Bowl was filling with my choices of beans, marinated grilled chicken, fresh vegetables. The roasted chili-corn salsa added a very nice dimension of texture and sweetness that I really enjoyed.  Brown rice, a staple in my house,  is naturally more chewy than white because of the hull, but this was just plain under-cooked.   The fajita grilled peppers and onions could have been cooked more (I'll point out that I didn't want them, but I guess I didn't yell loudly enough).  The salad greens and chips were all fresh tasting and very enjoyable.  The guacamole (which can be added to any meal for an up-charge of $1.95) tasted fresh and creamy with a nice amount of fresh onion and cilantro, but way too much salt.  The chicken was a nice balance of seasoning and grilled flavor, the beef was less flavorful.  I overall found it very satisfying, but not particularly adventurous or exciting. I can see it as a nice healthy option for dining with children (I've never met a kid who hated tacos).
Emptying my tray and basket and heading for the door was almost a relief, and the people waiting for my parking spot were happy to see me go.

Will I return? Probably not.  If you wanna try it, go between the lunch and dinner rush.  I'll stick with my brown rice and veggies at home.    

Chipotle Mexican Grill
3216 Trindle Road
Camp Hill, PA 17011
Hours- 11am-10pm

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